1. Sinitsyn Igor Petrovich,
    Doctor of Engineering (Kiev, Ukraine)

- he is one of the founders (together with M.V. Burlakov) of scientific methodology and engineering technique of numerical optimization of controlled discrete processes of service (DPS) [26];

- he identified, described and theoretically studied the practically important base class of DPS [26];

- he developed several models of DPS numerical optimization which are of practical interest [26];

- he formulated the general principles of creating software tools for synthesis and investigation of the tabular strategies for controlling DPS [27]

2. Rojco Roman Aleksandrovich,
    programmer (Kiev, Ukraine)

- he developed the initial versions of the software modules of input-output data and of automated work places for local and network varieties of two tools for optimizing DTIPs: LIS/NIS GAO (optimization of network planning) and LIS/NIS IO (optimization of standard investments) [16]; many technical solutions, realized by R.A. Rojco in these programs, were used in later versions of various software tools for DTIPs, created by M.V. Burlakov 

3. Pavlenko Vladimir Ivanovich,
    Candidate of Phys.-Math. Sciences,
    dean (Kiev, Ukraine)

- he is initiator, active supporter and leader of a pilot project on realization for the first time in history in Gorlovka Regional Institute of the University "Ukraine" of a new training course on the basics of IT AC DTIP [15], created by M.V. Burlakov