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As is known, any innovative project, even the the most demanded by practice, will take place only when its initiator either meets on his way an interested investor or unite around the project a team of like-minded enthusiasts. This fully applies to proposed by us the new network science-intensive Technology IT AC DTIP.

Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to launch a mechanism of worldwide promoting IT AC DTIP by establishing a production company for implementation of Technology (PCIT). In our view, this — temporary difficulties which are caused by three reasons: 1) high science-intensiveness of Technology, wherein is not so easy to get outside of by untrained persons; 2) low efficiency of functioning in post-Soviet countries a mechanism to promote home-produced innovations and 3) imperfection of existing mechanism of venture investment, based mainly on formal financial indicators. Suffice it to say, that none of all those many Russian and Ukrainian venture companies, to which we addressed with this project, could not or did not wish to find out in detail its essence. And those only two companies, which entered with us in a working dialogue, failed to be convinced in the necessity of conducting an independent complex expertise of Technology according to the passed by us a list of questions, so that on the basis of future answers to them it would be possible to objectively evaluate the commercial attractiveness of IT AC DTIP and to make a decision on its investment.

If a person to whom we offer our cooperation on the project, is only interested in how much he earns here and when exactly will profit, while its uniqueness, ambitiousness, large scale and practical significance not cause "burning" of his eyes, then our further dialogue with this person makes no sense. If you do not care on what to earn money, then please do not waste your time in vain to study the complicated contents of this website. But if you are in life an ambitious person and in your soul warms a twinkle of a pioneer, besides you possess by one of these sought-after in the project professions: businessman, manager, marketer, programmer, publisher, journalist and translator from Russian into English, then we are ready to conduct with you a direct dialogue on cooperation on IT AC DTIP promotion. In order to start such a dialogue, you after the acquaintance with the website contents will only have to address by email to the founder of Technology with outlining your professional achievements and specific proposals on their participation in this innovative project.

Moreover, each of you has a chance to become a co-founder of the future PCIT on introduction to life of IT AC DTIP, if you have sufficient qualification of required specialization (see above) and are ready to take responsibility for the activities of the company in its field of your competence. We have a constantly open contest to fill vacancies in the future team of PCIT co-founders, the terms of which are presented in the file "Appeal_to_ambitious_persons_in_IT_sphere.doc" (download).    

Later on, this innovative project will develop by us through the establishment of PCIT either with the participation of an interested investor or exclusively by the members of the future team of associates, which have to perform on a voluntary basis the whole complex of preparatory works. In any case we plan in the near future to solve surely the following tasks, in which we offer you to participate:

·           conducting a complex expertise of the commercial prospects of both Technology and the created on its basis a program toolkit;   

Note: 1. Such expertise is desirable to entrust to a well-known consulting company that specializes in information technologies, that services should be paid. On its results will be searched an interested investor (domestic or foreign), that is why they certainly will have a commercial value. Thus, those who invest their money in the expertise, will be able in the future to sell its results to potential investors of this project or to claim with them for the role of PCIT founders.

·           creating mass and local network services to optimize control of DTIP for various purposes on the basis of nine existing software tools (LISs and NISs);

·           wide propaganda of Technology both in professional journals and in popular print and electronic media, in connection with which we invite to cooperate those publishers that wish to become our information partners;  

·           forming of a team of like-minded ambitious professionals of those applied areas which are needed here (see above). 

Note 2. Regardless of whether we can or can not find in the near future of an investor to establish PCIT with his participation, the founders of this company should include, in our opinion, those persons who are responsible for certain areas of its activities. Please take it into account, if you wish to join our future team.

All those persons and organizations, whose actions bring at least some significant benefit to the noble cause of promoting this unique Technology, will be immediately mentioned by us in the section "Reference about other participants of Technology creating process" of the website.  



Yours faithfully,
the founder of IT AC DTIP,
 D.Eng. Burlakov M.V.