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Бурлаков М. В. Основы технологии автоматизации управления дискретными технологическими и информационными процессами. Монография (Burlakov M.V. Basics of technology of discrete technological and information processes control automation. Monograph). — Kiev: «Університет "Україна"», 2010. — 561 p. + CD the price of 110 hryvnia (excluding shipping)

ISBN 978-966-388-327-4 

This Russian-language book presents the foundations of a new science-intensive information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (IT AC DTIP), which is based on a uniform scientific methodology of numerical optimization of abstract finite-dimensional stationary discrete service processes. 

The book is aimed at a wide range of persons, who are interested in the problems of effective control of discrete processes for various purposes. It can be used in three ways: a) as a textbook for university students in the specialty "Basics of technology of AC DTIP"; b) as a practical guide for development of effective strategies of control of discrete processes of different purpose; c) for solving specific tasks on this subject with the help described in the book and attached to it the program toolkit.



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