Contents of the book by Burlakov M.V.
"Как достичь эффективности инвестиций

(How to achieve efficiency of investments)"

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Chapter 1. Acquaintance with standard investments
Properties of standard investment
    Examples of standard investment
    Evaluation of cost parameters
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Chapter 2. Criteria of efficiency of standard investments 
Choice of criteria of efficiency
    Absolute and relative incomes
    Restriction on a payback period of investment
    Evaluating the risk of investment
    Managing the risk of investment
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Chapter 3. Organization of solving tasks of finding effective investment strategies
Terms of achieving effective investments
    Means to achieve effective investments
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Chapter 4. Mathematical methods of finding effective investment strategies
Acquaintance with the known portfolio theory of optimizing investments
    Acquaintance with proposed technique of finding effective investment strategies
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Chapter 5. Acquaintance with programs LIS IO 1.3 and NIS IO 1.3
(here: LIS local instrumental system; IO investments optimization; NIS network instrumental system)
    Description of LIS IO 1.3
    Description of NIS IO 1.3
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Chapter 6. Examples of solving investment tasks with the help of LIS IO 1.3 and NIS IO 1.3
Features of solving tasks of various categories
    Optimizing the purchase and sale of piece goods
    Optimizing a shares package in construction of houses
    Optimizing the purchase of apartments for renting them
    Optimizing a stock portfolio
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Chapter 7. Prospects for development of LIS IO and NIS IO
New features of LIS IO 2.0 and NIS IO 2.0
    New features of LIS IO 3.0 and NIS IO 3.0
the prospect of creating NIS IO SSI (secondary sources of income) 
the prospect of creating LIS EO (expenses optimization) and NIS EO
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Contents of the CD-ROM
Set of files of the lite version of program LIS IO 1.3