Как достичь эффективности инвестиций (How to achieve efficiency of investments)// М.В. Бурлаков (Burlakov M.V.)  — М.: ЗАО «Издательство "Экономика"», 2010. — 174 p. + CDthe price of 350 rubles (excluding shipping)
ISBN 978–5–282–02923–9 

This Russian-language book certainly will interest those, who wish to make money on their own or others' investments by ensuring their effectiveness. It not only presents the various methods and practical recommendations to solve the problem of achieving efficient investments, but also describes the author developed unique software tools (LIS IO 1.3 and NIS IO 1.3), which are specifically intended to solve tasks of finding effective investment strategies.

CD-ROM, attached to the book, contains a lite version of the program LIS IO 1.3, with which you will be able to solve the relatively simple tasks of finding effective investment strategies.






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