Despite of the obvious advantages of the presented on this website innovative project with many applications (IT AC DTIP), as well as of its readiness for broad practical introduction through international outsourcing services (see link), it is still not implemented to life in any applied field. The obvious question arises, what is the reason of it? To find it, let's list all possible reasons for which some innovative project does not turn into a profitable innovation, and then analyze them with regard to our case. Here are the reasons:

1) lack of topicality and practical value of the project;

2) low level of its readiness for implementation;

3) wrong way of implementing the project, selected by its author(s);

4) lack of funding for the successful implementation of the project;

5) absence at the project author(s) of the interested business partners for project implementation, when without them he himself can't do it.

If we analyze the above reasons in relation to Technology, then find out that all of them are absent except for the last one. Indeed:

1) in the totality and practical value of IT AC DTIP you can easily make sure if get acquainted with at least the main page of the website or the Technology presentation;

2) confirmation of the high level of readiness for Technology implementation is the presence of 11 optimizing multilingual software tools, that allows to implement it in many application areas;

3) chosen by the founder of Technology the way of its implementation to life when firstly are developed the software tools to optimize controlling discrete processes of many purposes, and then their interfaces are made multilingual so that Technology could be implemented through international outsourcing services, is the only possible, because only the founder can fulfill this whole complex of works on the development of key software tools (the above services themselves, based on these tools, can be realized without his direct participation);

4) lack of funding is not a major obstacle in Technology implementation, or rather in realizing the proposed outsourcing services, because the key software tools for this purpose are already ready, for which they where recently completely modified by the founder under the multilinguality of their interfaces.

So, the only reason for the absence of introduction to life of IT AC DTIP is that its founder don’t so far have the interested business partners for the implementation both the entire Technology on the whole, and the separate international outsourcing services of specific applications. Why he still can not find such interested persons or companies? After all, the founder has fulfilled all possible activities on searching them, including the publication of business proposals at a lot of known Russian and English information websites, sending letters to the well-known companies engaged in the corresponding application activity, and even to the largest technical universities of the world since Technology is science-intensive. Unfortunately, nobody answered on this proposals. Besides, the founder repeatedly participated in the known competitions of innovative projects for receiving venture capital investment, which also proved to be in vain.

After analyzing all these failures in the promotion of this science-intensive project with many applications, as well as all its numerous advantages and actual readiness for practical implementation, we concluded the following:

·           the operating now everywhere system of promoting innovations, based on venture investment, proved to be, as practice has shown, absolutely useless for such high-tech projects with many applications as this one;

·           the consequence of the previous item is that numerous business persons who are in search of promising innovative projects for their conversion into profitable innovations, do not realize, unfortunately, that the main criteria of searching such a project should be, in our opinion, not the calculated financial indicators of its payback, which takes place now, but the novelty and practical value of the project, as well as the existence of key means (technical or program ones) for its implementation to life as an innovation;

Note. For IT AC DTIP such key software tools already exist (there are 11 in all), and all of them are multilingual. But based on them still should be developed the software installation sets on realization of the proposed outsourcing services. The latter is not a serious obstacle for their implementation everywhere, because It does not require large expenditures and specialized knowledge. But for the modern innovator, which is usually guided by the established practice of venture investment, the need to develop such sets demeans all the advantages of the initial inventions themselves (here they are the key software tools), as well as a real prospect of the widespread introduction of such services, i.e. of the creation of profitable innovations. Herein lies the lack of their foresight 

·           nowadays there is a pressing need of the practice of innovation management to create much more effective system of promoting innovation than the current system of venture capital investment, for which the purpose of functioning must be to convert any new promising invention in profitable innovation (the concept of such organizational system is proposed by the Technology founder in the article " About cardinal improvement of existing system of promoting innovations");

·           the most rational way of implementation to life of IT AC DTIP consists in fulfillment of the following concluding activities: 

·           publication of business proposals on creating international outsourcing services;

·           continuation of the active search for interested ambitious business people and companies on implementing as the whole Technology, and separate outsourcing services created on its basis.

The founder of IT AC DTIP intends to perform necessarily all these activities, making everything possible from himself to implement Technology to life. It's worth that


October 14, 2016 г.