As is known from the Presentation of IT AC DTIP, to launch a mechanism of promotion worldwide of this unique science-intensive Technology, it is necessary to establish a production company on implementing it (in short — PCIT). What needs to be done to create such a company? In the view of the founder of Technology, it needs first of all to solve the following two tasks:

1) to conduct a qualified complex expertise of commercial efficiency of both Technology itself and created on it basis the optimizing program toollkit;

2) to attract wide public attention to Technology (for this was created the present website), and first of all the attention of those persons of following professions: businessmen, programmers, managers, marketers and translators, which might themselves take part in this innovative project.

Of course, to achieve the intended by us a purpose, i.e. to establish PCIT, would be much easier and faster with the participation of an interested investment partner. After all, in order to fulfill all necessary preparatory measures that will ensure the company's future full-scale commercial activities, it is important to have some start-up capital.

In this regard, the question arises: is it possible to create such company and promote in without participation of investors or is it from the the realm of fancy? In our opinion, it is possible. And the reason for this lies in the fact that this project is extremely ambitious and promising, at that, absolutely real. After all, in fact we want to create a world-class company, that would be the best of all its potential competitors (in the ratio of quality/price) in solving the tasks of effective control of discrete processes in a variety of application areas. The grounds for such our optimistic expectations are a high science-intensiveness of Technology, the developed its basics, as well as the received practical results.

In our opinion, this project should be viewed not as a bait for a potential investor to "knock out" money from him for its implementation, but as a chance to prove himself for all those ambitious persons of the above professions who want to achieve something worthwhile for themselves and for their country. Agree, that such a chance will fall extremely rare, when you yourself can participate in the promotion of a worldwide unique high-tech, which is needed for many.

Therefore, in order to successfully implement this unique ambitious project, we need to create a team of associates whose eyes would be burning from the fact that they are involved in it. But if among such persons with "burning" eyed will appear ambitious domestic businessmen who by their activity would wish to write down their names to the history of their country, as it once did such prominent Americans as Henry Ford, Frederick Taylor and Bill Gates, it just would accelerate the achievement of our goal: to launch a mechanism for implementation to life of IT AC DTIP through establishment of PCIT.