For quality training of practical specialists on the topic of IT AC DTIP, as well as in the light of the experience of reading a training course on this subject in Gorlovka Regional Institute of the University "Ukraine", is proposed to establish a Remote training center (RTC) on the basis of some known higher education institution (HEI), engaged in preparation of specialists on computer and information technologies, that wishes to become a leading educational institution on the preparation of such specialists. At the beginning of RTC activity, the learning process is ready to take on himself the founder of Technology, until will not be prepared by him other qualified teachers on this topic.

After the establishment of a production company on implementation to life of Technology, to RTC can be enrolled on a competitive basis any interested persons with necessary skills, knowledge and acquired habits. At that, the listeners of RTC who successfully will finish their training, will be issued certificates, which give them the right to engage in professional activities in divisions of the above company.

Below is a draft provision on RTC that was compiled by the founder of Technology. That HEI of corresponding profile, which wishes to establish at itself such center and agrees in general with the text of this document, should refer to the founder's address to agree with him issues of joint realization of this training project.

Draft provision on the Remote training center
preparation of specialists in IT AC DTIP

  1. RTC is established on the basis of <the name of HEI> by Order of the <order number and date>, with the appointment of the head of the center <Full name and title of the head>.

  2. The annual admission to RTC is on voluntary and competitive basis in an amount of not more than 25 people from among the persons admitted to the intramural and extramural magistracies on specialty "Computer technologies" in all regional divisions of HEI. (Further will be listed conditions of competition for enrollment in RTC.)

  3. Theoretical and practical training of specialists in RTC carried out both by himself on the basis of monograph Бурлакова М.В. "Основы технологии автоматизации управления дискретными технологическими и информационными процессами" (Burlakov M.V. Basics of technology of discrete technological and information processes control automation"), a copy of which every student should acquire himself, and in the process of individual remote consultation (IRC) at a teacher, D.Eng. Burlakov M.V.

  4. The teacher will operatively and regularly provide IRC to each student of RTC on his requests through Skype and email in the following areas:

  1. Terms of issuing assignments for courseworks and a list of questions on the exam, as well as a schedule of providing IRCs and contacts of the teacher will be given to students of RTC before classes begin.

  2. A coursework presents the development of an original test mathematical model of numerical optimizing DTIP and its program realization according to the individual assignment. The prototype of this model will be available in the monograph by Burlakov M.V.

  3. Knowledge gained by RTC students will be estimated on the results of their courseworks and the written exam.

  4. Report on the coursework, which includes text and program parts, is transferred to the teacher within the specified period by e-mail.

  5. Examination ticket, which includes four theoretical and one practical question, is randomly generated by the examiner (Burlakov M.V.) and transferred on the day of exam by e-mail to each student. The latter through the pre-specified period of time (several tens of minutes) should send in the same way to the examiner the written answers to questions.

  6. As a result of performing a coursework and passing the exam will be exhibited to a student of RTC a final mark and made a corresponding entry in his gradebook on this specialty in magistracy. Furthermore, if this mark is positive, he will be issued a diploma of graduate of RTC.