The traditional technology of customer service in a restaurant, to which we are used, is characterized by four problems. Firstly, any customer is faced with a choice of meals and drinks (MDs) in the restaurant's menu, which is sometimes difficult to do, especially if they are not familiar to him. Secondly, that customer, who will pay the bill, has a problem of limiting the actual cost of the order by the sum of money which he had previously allocated for the visit to restaurant. Therefore, when choosing MDs you should always keep in mind how much money you have, that not get in a difficult position. Thirdly, another problem is a technological delay, necessary for the preparation of ordered dishes and for the table layout, which sometimes may be quite large. Finally, for those customers who are struggling with obesity, a problem is caloric restriction of their order.

Now all these four problems leave in the past in connection with the appearance of a unique program "Optimization of remote order in a restaurant", version 1.1 (MP OROR 1.1), created on the basis of IT AC DTIP by the founder of this Technology. It allows to realize in any restaurant or other foodservice enterprise the first new technology of customers' service in a restaurant, providing remote receipt from them of optimal orders. Its essence lies in the fact that you can generate your order in advance and remotely, using the Internet and the above program. And this order will be the best for you at the set restriction on its cost and if you wish, on its calorific capacity, what is provided by the optimization procedure of the program. In this case, you should not wait for the fulfillment of the order after your arrival at the restaurant, because to your arrival there to the scheduled time the table will be served, and the order is ready to immediate servicing by a waiter.

MP OROR 1.1 allows to make a preliminary remote order at any restaurant, where you will be registered, on your servicing either in the restaurant premises, or at the address specified by you (the second is possible if the restaurant provides a remote service of customers at addresses specified by them). Moreover, this order will be the best for you at the set restriction on its cost and, if you wish, on its calorific capacity, what is provided by the optimization procedure of the program. The merit of MP OROR 1.1 is also in the fact that you can make your order at any place of your stay and through an ordinary computer or a tablet one, that runs under OS Windows and has Internet connection. If you are registered at several restaurants, you can form in test mode the optimal orders in several of them, and after comparing these orders with each other you can select the best one and send it for serving to the appropriate restaurant, which, incidentally, may be in any city or even in another country.

The program MP OROR 1.1 is designed to find optimal strategies of investing monetary means by remote customers of a certain foodservice enterprise in acquisition by them meals and drinks from their specified set (a menu), when is reached the maximum value of a total consumer worth of the acquired samples of MDs. At that, for each selected for acquiring MD, that may also contain certain additives, the customer specifies either a utility ratio or a consumer worth of a sample of this meal or drink. MP OROR 1.1 enables to form alternative groups of meals and drinks either on their separate categories, or on all categories of MDs at once.

An important element of the proposed technology of servicing customers of a restaurant by remote issuance of their orders is payment of the latter. Indeed, there is a risk of causing losses for the restaurant by a false order, when at an appointed time the customer does not come to the restaurant, and a table for him is already served. This problem is easily solved by online transferring by the customer on his account in the restaurant of required amount of pledge, the value of which will be defined by a certain percentage of the value of the current order. This amount will guarantee that the restaurant does not bear the loss when a false order, since in this case it will automatically be withdrawn in favor of the restaurant. Well, if you want to pay in full its remote order via the Internet, of course such opportunity will be provided to you.

Another feature of this technology is that when calculating the total amount of the order are taken into account the tariffs specified by the restaurant, on which is computed its component part — the cost of the customer's servicing. You may ask: how about a tip to the waiter, the value of which is usually determined by the customer on the results of servicing himself and the thickness of his wallet? Of course no one forbids you in this case to give such a tip to the waiter, although the payment for his service is included in the order value. But in the opinion of the author, the tips are not only unnecessary, but in general are a relic of the past and a harmful stereotype from which the mankind should have long ago abandon. After all, you do not occur to the material thanks to the seller of clothing or shoes who helped you to make the right choice in store. Why, then, you should thank by giving a tip to the waiter? If in such way a restaurant manager wants to encourage high-quality work of the latter, then it is easy to do in the proposed technology. Suffice it to set in each place of a table three buttons for assessing a customer's servicing: 1) excellent, 2) normal or 3) bad. When pressing one of them the customer informs the administrator his opinion about servicing himself. So in this regard also the proposed technology has its merit, because it will help to abandon forever for the future visitors of restaurants from such archaic habit as to give a tip to the waiter.

You may have a question: how to implement the above-mentioned new technology of servicing customers in a restaurant, when these customers are not remote, and ordinary ones, i.e. which do not make remote orders. For this purpose is another new program — "Optimization of order in a restaurant", version 1.2 (MP OOR 1.2), also created by the founder of Technology. It solves the same problems as MP OROR 1.1, with the exception of remote formation of orders. In other words, this program allows to realize the second new technology of customers' service in a restaurant, providing a local receipt from them of optimal orders.

MP OOR 1.2 allows to implement in any restaurant the system of electronic forming optimal orders. For this purpose, to the restaurant customers will be offered not conventional menus, but electronic ones, realized through a local network of tablet PCs running under OS Windows. With the help of MP OOR 1.2, that has a convenient user interface, the customer will enter the input data of his order, including a maximum amount of money that he is ready to spend, and if he wishes — a restriction on its calorific capacity, then he will give a signal to automatic generation of the optimal order and its sending for service to the restaurant kitchen.

On the basis of MP OOR 1.2 is proposed to service local customers, placed in restaurant premises or in their hotel rooms. At that, each such customer will always be sure that the cost of his order, that includes also the amount of commission for his service, will not exceed the specified by him amount of money, its calorific capacity will not surpass the given value, and the order itself will be the best of all possible ones.