The tool MP OROR 1.1: optimization of remote order in a restaurant

Short description 

There is only one variety of this optimizing software tool of version 1.1: "Multilingual program of optimization of remote order in a restaurant (MP OROR 1.1)".

The program MP OROR 1.1, created on the basis of IT AC DTIP, is designed to find optimal strategies of investing monetary means by remote customers of a certain foodservice enterprise in acquisition by them meals and drinks (MDs) from their specified set (a menu), when is reached the maximum value of a total consumer worth of the acquired samples of MDs. At that, for each selected for acquiring MD, that may also contain certain additives, the customer specifies either a utility ratio or a consumer worth of a sample of this meal or drink. Here is allowed to form alternative groups of meals and drinks either on their separate categories, or on all categories of MDs at once.

MP OROR 1.1 is a multilingual program. Alternative languages of its interface are stored in separate files, called language shells. The program include two such shells: Russian and English, as well as a special program of version 1.0 called "Генератор языковых оболочек (ГЯО 1.0) (Generator of language shells (GLS 1.0))", that allows users themselves to create such shells for any languages in which they usually communicate.

MP OROR 1.1 allows to make a preliminary remote order at any restaurant, where you will be registered, on your servicing either in its premises, or at the address specified by you (the second is possible if the restaurant provides a remote customer service, which is typical, for example, to the hotel restaurants and pizzerias). Moreover, this order will be the best for you at the set restriction on its cost and, if you wish, on its calorific capacity, what is provided by the optimization procedure of the program. At that, you will not have to wait for the fulfillment of the order after your arrival at the restaurant, because for your arrival there at the appointed time the table will be served, and the order itself will be ready for immediate service by a waiter. You can make your order at any place of your stay and through an ordinary computer or a tablet one, that runs under OS Windows and has Internet connection. If you are registered at several restaurants, you can form in test mode the optimal orders in several of them, and after comparing these orders with each other you can select the best one and send it for serving to the appropriate restaurant.

It is offered to distribute this program free of charge with applied to it the initial variant of required database of meals and drinks (DBMD). Later on the fee will be charged to the owner of a restaurant, which customers will exploit MP OROR 1.1, for each next update of the used DBMD with the help of a special program ExDb_oror11e.

Note 1. The software utility ExDb_oror11e, which is intended for converting DBMD formats (from the initial Excel format to the working format), is at the creator of MP OROR 1.1. You can acquire from him the installation set of this utility with binding it via its serial number to the computer on which it will work, for what you should go here. 

MP OROR 1.1 is the key tool of the first from two new technologies of customers' service in a restaurant, proposed by the founder of IT AC DTIP. For their implementation to life it is proposed to create and distribute worldwide two international outsourcing services (see below publication 4), which will allow customers of a restaurant or other catering enterprise to make in his usual language the best for himself order no matter where and when he is located at that time: in another place, at his table in the restaurant or in his room of the hotel with restaurant.

Note 2. MP OROR 1.1 is the localized version of the wide purpose software on optimizing expenses LIS EO 1.2.

The area of possible use of MP OROR 1.1 is foodservice sphere (first of all — restaurant business).

The author and creator of this software tool — M.V. Burlakov, the founder of IT AC DITP (Kiev, Ukraine). Its term of putting into operation August 2016. Place of its development — Kiev (Ukraine).

More detailed information on MP OROR 1.1, as well as a set of it with a test DBMD you can get below on this page.

List of publications

1. Бурлаков М.В. Новая технология обслуживания клиентов в ресторане (Burlakov M.V. New technology of customers' service in a restaurant) — 01.09.2014.

2. Бурлаков М.В. Предложение сотрудничества по внедрению в жизнь новой технологии обслуживания клиентов в ресторане (Burlakov M.V. Offer of cooperation for implementation to life of a new technology of customers' service in a restaurant) — 03.09.2014.

3. Бурлаков М.В. Инновационная технология обслуживания клиентов ресторана с выдачей ими наилучших заказов через Интернет (Burlakov M.V. Innovative technology of customers' service in a restaurant with issuance by them via Internet the best orders) — 05.12.2014.

4. Burlakov M.В. Creation of international outsourcing services on optimizing orders in a restaurant. — 03.09.2016. 

Information file

Download a document "Press release of MP OROR 1.1" (file "Press_release_of_MP_OROR_1.1.pdf", 62 KB).  

File of LVP LIS set with test DBMD

Download a multilingual set MP OROR 1.1 (file "", 1,67 MB).