The tool MLIS/MNIS IO 2.2: standard investments optimization

Short description

There are two varieties of this optimizing software tool of version 2.2: "Multilingual local instrumental system of investments optimization (MLIS IO 2.2)" and "Multilingual network instrumental system of investments optimization (MNIS IO 2.2)".

Definition. Standard investmentsinvestments that are characterized by the following three properties: financialness, singleness and informativeness. Property of financialness means putting only monetary funds in investment objects (sources of income SI); property of singleness — a one-time investment of a specified amount of money to the selected set of SI, i.e. without the effect of accumulating; property of informativeness the presence of investor's information about the cost of the SI he can buy and of their parameters of profitability.

Programs MLIS IO 2.2 and MNIS IO 2.2, created on the basis of IT AC DTIP, are designed to solve tasks of seven types on finding optimal strategies of investing monetary means in acquisition of different-type SI from a given set of them, when is reached either the maximum average absolute income from expected realization of these SI, or the maximum average relative income from their future exploitation. At that, there may be imposed various constraints on the return on investment and on its risk.

There are provided 12 modes of programs localization on investing in SI of the following five varieties:

1)       real properties (RP) - two modes:

·        fixed profitability, realization of RP;

·        fixed profitability, renting of RP;

2)       shares in construction (SC) - two modes:

·        fixed profitability, realization of construction objects;

·        fixed profitability, renting of such objects;

3)       piece goods (PG) - two modes:

·        fixed profitability from retail sale of PG;

·        varying profitability from such sale of PG;

4)       securities (Se) - five modes:

·        fixed profitability, realization of Se;

·        fixed profitability, exploitation of Se;

·        varying profitability, realization of Se on certain profitability;

·        varying profitability, realization of Se via a certain period;

·        varying profitability, exploitation of Se;

5)       any sources of income (SI) - one mode.

When one of these localization modes is selected, the user interface of the program is automatically configured. The required localization mode you may set permanently or to choose it every time you create a new task.

MLIS/MNIS IO 2.2 are multilingual programs. Alternative languages of their interfaces ​​are stored in separate files, called language shells. These programs include two such shells: Russian and English, as well as a special program of version 1.0 called "Генератор языковых оболочек (ГЯО 1.0) (Generator of language shells (GLS 1.0))", that allows users themselves to create such shells for any languages in which they usually communicate.

For acquisition of SI is allowed to use not only the own monetary means of investor, but the credit means, involved at a specified interest rate. As a result of solving the task is found not only the optimal set of parameters of the selected for acquiring SI of various types, but in the case of absolute income from their realization the optimal amount of credit, which will be spent on them.

MLIS/MNIS IO 2.2 includes the function of statistics that allows to evaluate the effectiveness of the investment considering a risk factor, and for SI with a spread of their parameters of profitability to automatically find a single best strategy by specifying one of the three possible search criteria.

All information about sources of income is kept in their specialized databases (DBSIs), creation and correction of which are provided in MLIS and MNIS. DBSIs can be of two types: unlimited (with unlimited numbers of samples of different types of SI) and limited (with limited such numbers). In the case of a limited type of DBSI is stipulated its automatic correction during solving of a current task.

MLIS IO 2.2 is an offline program, designed for a particular user (lite version of this program is free).

MNIS IO 2.2 a network program, designed to provide via Internet or a local network of network services to many users. It consists of two parts: one remote module of optimization (MO), wherein occurs synthesis of optimal strategies of acquiring SI, and numerous automated work places (AWPs), that are targeted to specific users of MNIS. Each such AWP is designed to prepare by an individual user the input data of tasks to be solved and to output the results of their solution. Informational link between AWPs and MO is realized on Internet (a local network) by exchange of files with input and output data. At that, MO is located on a network server, that provides operativity and full automation of the process of interaction between AWPs and this module.

MNIS IO 2.2 is the key tool of two new technologies of: purchasing goods from wholesalers and securities trading, proposed by the founder of IT AC DTIP, which can be created on its basis.

Areas of possible use of MLIS/MNIS IO 2.2 are business, finance, trade, construction and manufacturing.

The author and creator of this software tool — M.V. Burlakov, the founder of IT AC DITP (Kiev, Ukraine). Its term of putting into operation May 2017. Place of its development — Kiev (Ukraine).

Note. You can solve for free in MNIS IO 2.2 up to 10 test tasks, by clicking the link. You can also buy from the founder of Technology the set of MLIS IO 2.2 program with binding via its serial number to technical parameters of the computer on which it will be installed, for what you should go here.

More detailed information on MLIS /MNIS IO 2.2, as well as a set of the lite version of program (LVP) MLIS IO 2.2 you can get below on this page.

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Information files

Download a document "Technical characteristics of MLIS/MNIS IO 2.2" (file "Technical_characteristics_of_MLIS-MNIS_IO_2.2_upc.pdf", 120 KB). 

Download a document "Press release of MLIS/MNIS IO 2.2" (файл "Press_release_of_MLIS-MNIS_IO_2.2_upc.pdf", 69 KB).  

File of LVP MLIS set

Download a multilingual LVP MLIS IO 2.2 (file "", 2,64 MB).