Freight and passenger transportation


  •    delivery in a city of cargoes or people to the target points by one or more vehicles;

  •    maintenance by mobile repair teams of the urban communal facilities;

  •    delivery of a passenger by public transport to the given point 


Servicing impatient customers 


  •    maintenance of urgent calls by the emergency city services of: ambulance, police, fire and extreme situations;

  •    servicing of emergency calls in the services industry of population 


Organizing manufacture of serial products


  •    planning of execution technological operations on various processing machinery


Transmission of digital messages


  •    control of information flows in digital channels and communication networks


Planning of dealings in business


  •    planning a business transaction taking into account its the expected profitability and risk of failure


Planning of military operations


  •    planning the use of group and individual resources (existing and future) to perform a given set of operations in peacetime;

  •    planning the successful execution of an offensive operation in time of war in the presence of a given set of group and individual resources


Loading and unloading


  •    management of the process of loading or unloading material assets in warehouses and vehicles


Expenses (trade, service industry and a family budget)


  •    distribution of the allocated amount of money on purchase of goods in an online store;

  •    distribution of such amount for services in a sport or entertainment facility;

  •    planning of a family budget 


Reconstruction of facilities in operation (municipal services, production and defense)


  •    reconstruction of an object of mass use or social significance (railway station, a road, a bridge, etc.);

  •    reconstruction of a manufacturing workshop;

  •    reforming a military formation 


Repair (production, municipal services and service industry)  


  •    repair of technological equipment in manufacturing;

  •    repair of public utilities;

  •    repair of household appliances


Restaurant business


  •    servicing of restaurant customers with issuance by them of remote orders;

  •    servicing of restaurant customers with issuance by them of ordinary (local) orders


Online trade in the Internet


  •    purchasing by a network buyer the needed for him goods through a missing so far Center of network trade, that will combine all those online stores which meet the requirements of the perfect technology of online trade, offered by the founder of IT AC DTIP 


Network planning (design, construction and production)


  •    planning of designing a new building or structure;

  •    planning construction of a new building or structure;

  •    planning creation of a new serial product 


Budgeting using the principle of program-target planning


  •    budgeting of a ministry or agency


Standard investments (trade, real estate, construction and finances)


  •    purchase of goods by a retailer from a wholesaler or manufacturer;

  •    purchase of objects of real estate for their renting or resale;

  •    acquiring a package of shares on construction of houses;

  •    acquiring technological equipment for new production;

  •    acquiring a portfolio of stocks


Trade in real estate


  •    purchase of a housing for own residence therein;

  •    purchase of real estate with commercial purpose;

  •    upgrade of real estate for its subsequent sale or renting;

  •    purchase and sale of real estate through a missing so far Center of real estate trade, by which will be realized the perfect technology of real estate trade, proposed by the founder of IT AC DTIP


Storage, processing and realization of perishable goods


  •    organizing storage of perishable goods;

  •    organization of processing such goods for their subsequent conservation or realization;

  •    organizing sales of perishable goods or goods with a limited shelf life (control of their the placement in a trade network and retail prices)


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