To date, we have fully developed a starter kit of IT AC DTIP (denote it briefly through SK), which is designed for a wide implementation to life of this Technology. With the very contents of this kit you can familiarize in the section "6. Current results of Technology development" of the IT AC DTIP presentation. Here we focus on the general characteristics of SK and explain why we consider that it is a complete one, and that on its basis will be possible to successfully implement this network and science-intensive Technology. We will also show what we are going to do to make this happen as quickly as possible.

Imagine the SK as a kind of "black box" that has some potential for innovation. According to its creators, this potential is very high, and there are all prerequisites to SK soon became profitable innovation in various spheres of human activity.

Any skeptic may ask us: where from such confidence in the successful implementation of IT AC DTIP based on the above SK and why we here declare that it is complete, i.e. that the SK does not need to expand in order to then it has become easier to implement? Below are listed answers to these questions by the founder of the IT AC DTIP:      

You may ask a natural question: why IT AC DTIP still nowhere implemented, although the necessary software tools already exist? Here's an explanation of this fact by the founder of Technology:

From the above explanations does not follow that we are going to indulge in vain hopes until someone ambitious or cool will notice in Internet the information about Technology and come with a business proposal to its founder. On the contrary, we plan to significantly expand the search for interested persons and companies by conducting it worldwide through Internet. After all, our Technology is designed for a broad introduction everywhere, hence the search for candidates to the team for its implementation to life we need to perform everywhere too. For this purpose we have translated in English the contents of two our websites (see above), as well as the alternative presentation of Technology, published on the website In addition, we are going to actively participate in various prestigious international competitions for innovative projects, and intend to publish review articles on IT AC DTIP in the leading worldwide editions of corresponding profile.

The most important task for us now is to form a team of like-minded ambitious persons and to establish by it a production company for implementation of Technology (PCIT). Only after that will be possible on behalf of PCIT to realize concrete innovations in various applied areas, including and implement the proposed new technologies of specific applications. If at that we succeed to find an interested investor, we offer to him first of all to fund the conducting of the above complex expertise (see next Sec.).