The process of promoting IT AC DTIP includes two successive stages, the first of which lasts until the establishment of a specialized production company for implementation of Technology (PCIT), and the second — after this event. Let us analyze the feature of the first stage and characterize its properties.

The actual mechanism of introduction to life of IT AC DTIP will be started only after the establishment of PCIT. But to create such a company, we need interested investors willing to invest their money in this ambitious innovative project. In this regard, a question arises: how to find an investor and how really interest him in this Technology? After all, it is a science-intensive one, and no investor will puzzle out in all this math and seek out therein signs of commercial prospects of IT AC DTIP.

From this follows three important conclusions:

1) it should be strong and clear evidences of the practical value of Technology for its mass user;

2) it should be wide coverage in the media and Internet of Technology merits, as well as its most important features and characteristics;

3) it should be the objective and comprehensive evaluation of the commercial prospects of this innovative project.

Based on the foregoing, the founder of Technology has developed the strategy of its promotion in the stage prior to the establishing PCIT. It consists in the following:

All these measures, except the last one, have already been fulfilled by the enthusiasts of this innovative project, and absolutely free. As to the expertise itself, then for its convincingness from the side of potential investors, it is desirable to carry out on a commercial basis by attracting some well-known consulting company specializing on the subject of information and computer technologies. The results of this expertise will certainly have commercial value, so they can be later sold to those investors who wish to consider the possibility of their direct participation in this innovative project.

Unfortunately, the active and long-lasting search of a venture investor for this innovative project was not successful. The reason for this, in the view of the founder of Technology, lies in the imperfection of the existing mechanism of venture capital investment, when the decision to invest money into a particular innovative project is made on the basis of formal financial indicators on its future payback without understanding the essence of the project itself, its scale and qualitative characteristics. In our case, such financial indicators can be obtained only through an independent complex expertise, for which is needed the first tranche of investment. After all, this project is an information technology with numerous areas of practical applications, rather than a separate product of narrow purpose. But no venture investor wanted to allocate a quite small tranche for such an expertise, since it is goes against the established practice of the mechanism of venture investment.

To get a real investment into this project, is required, in our opinion, not a venture capitalist but an ambitious investment partner, who wish to grasp the essence of this project and really be interested in its large scale and commercial prospect. The establishment of PCIT with participation of an interested investment partner is the most acceptable way of implementation to life of this unique Technology. But for this is an alternative. It consists to establish the above company by a team of like-minded enthusiasts, who are professionals in their fields of activity (programmers, managers, marketers and translators) and are ready to put free their labor and knowledge in the solution of particular tasks on the first stage of promoting Technology. After all, this Technology is a network one, besides we have already developed the network optimizing software tools, mass use of which will bring real income. So the availability of investments here is not a prerequisite. That is why forming the team of the future PCIT founders is the immediate goal for the founder of the IT AC DTIP.