The purpose of this website is the wide propaganda of a new science-intensive network information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (further IT AC DTIP or just Technology), which has a variety of uses. IT AC DTIP aimed at ensuring the effective control of discrete processes (i.e. processes with clearly separated from each other states) of various purpose. It allows to find you the best (optimal) and close to them control strategies for discrete processes, which can be infinite stationary, limited in time, and even instant processes of selecting choices. This website, which was last updated on September 20, 2019, presented all necessary information about Technology, which hereinafter we will promptly updated. 

Another our website under the abbreviated name "Implementation center of IT AC DTIP" is aimed at the practical implementation of IT AC DTIP. It is oriented to 18 categories of persons directly related to discrete processes of various purpose and are interested in their effective control. For 16 of these categories have already been created 11 optimizing multilingual software tools, that anyone can free use in test mode. This will allow the specified tools widely use all over the world, thereby introducing Technology everywhere, that we offer to do through international outsourcing services on finding optimal strategies of controlling discrete processes for specific purposes.

Below are the six main arguments in favor of the IT AC DTIP has high practical value and great commercial prospect:

  1. Discrete processes are widespread in various areas of human activity. In real life they meet not rare than continuous processes, for control of which has long been successfully used the well-known technology of automation of control of technological processes (it is based on the automatic control theory and practically realizes through automated systems of control of technological processes ASC TP).

  2. There is a great need of practice in effective control of discrete processes, because each of them is usually characterized by limited resources, used in processing objects of a discrete process, as well as a quantitative criterion of effectiveness of such processing.

  3. There is currently no other similar functioning technology for discrete processes, in this connection, for them most often are used in practice nonoptimal (heuristic) control strategies, since the development of optimal (i.e. best) strategies usually require too much time and cost expenses.

  4. IT AC DTIP based on a uniform scientific methodology of numerical optimization of abstract stationary discrete processes of service (DPSs), to which are reduced the real discrete technological and information processes (DTIPs). It is applicable to a very broad class of DTIPs and has such practical advantage that allows you to manage the laboriousness of synthesis of optimal control strategies for them. All this allows to realize a wide training of practical specialists on the basis of Technology for widespread practical solving tasks of effective control of discrete processes for various purposes.

  5. This technology is a network one. This means that it allows to realize the remote solving tasks of effective control of specific DTIPs regardless of their location. Besides, the availability of universal software tools for optimizing DTIPs allows you to provide the network services via Internet and local networks on their wide practical use. The implementation of IT AC DTIP surely give impetus to the wide development of an entirely new direction in commercial use of the Internet on finding by any network user the best solution in the field of his interests. The proposed Technology now makes it possible to do this in relation to the control of different discrete processes.

  6. Implementation of IT AC DTIP will undoubtedly lead to the creation of a number of promising innovative technologies of specific applications  in many fields of human activity, as we have already established the key software tools to optimize several of such technologies, and offered detailed concepts of them.

Note. If you want to get a general impression of the IT AC DTIP before proceeding to a detailed study of the content of this website, then read the article of the founder of Technology "About science-intensive technology of optimal controlling discrete processes for various purposes", which was published in October 2016 in the journal "International Scientific and Practical Conference "WORLD SCIENCE", No 10(14), Vol. 6, October 2016"